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  1. About three years ago you changed points count in the android app to sync it across all the platforms and broke old points algorithm. Now I see that you get 150 per word for reviewing in the app, while you get 278 points on the web. I don’t know when you increased this number on the web, but this change doesn’t make sense. You are breaking your points system again, without any reason.

  2. All I get in reviews on the web are typing questions, there’s no flashcards, nothing to choose. Your toggle is not working, tried to turn it off without any effect.

  3. It’s such a nuisance that you can’t speed review selected level on the website. It’s either speed review with random words in a course, or just nothing. It’s not new, if I’m not wrong, it’s been like that for years, and you don’t care about giving more options to review.


Regarding point 2, i’ve just been on your acount and did a review session and saw multiple flashcards in a row. It might be that some specific community course you are on has forced typing tests, but it doesn’t seem to be a universal problem and we haven’t received any other complaints on this matter.


Yes, I see it in a community course. Typing tests are active (Pruebas de escritura activadas), as well as order tests (Pruebas “elige y ordena” activadas). What am I doing wrong? Should I disable typing tests? (Yep, I’ve disabled them, it worked).

What about points 1 and 3?

P.S. You broke my list of the courses, don’t do it again.

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1- that was several months ago, we win’t be reviewing it as points have been increasingly sidelined in the current experience and they aren’t in the new version of Memrise

3- it’s an interesting idea, it won’t be done on the old version of memrise but I will ask the platform teams how much effort it would be for each on the new version and we’ll keep it in mind

Do you mean there’s no points in the version you are working on? This is so controversial. At least it was some reference point about your learning.

I think you should do something about points which we have now. People on the web are getting almost twice as much points as those who are using the app.


We already have this option in the app, I hope you won’t eliminate it with all your so called improvements. But it’s the website where it’s missing.


I normally use the app and just decided to try reviewing something on the web version to check if the problem exists. Yes, all I get for reviewing is typing tests – including my own courses where I know for sure there is no strict typing and tapping tests are switched on.

As for the points count, I get 160 per word on the web version vs 150 in the app. I find it fair with all the pain you get using the web version.


There are hidden settings. In the edit section click on “Word” or “Definition”, you’ll see another settings, then in the second column disable “typing tests” (Pruebas de escritura activadas).

Which means that points system is inconsistent even between different users, not only among different devices. :man_facepalming:


Yes I know, but I don’t want to disable typing tests completely, I would just like some diversity)

Judging from the fact that I sometimes see people in my friendlist scoring 1M points in one hour, you may be right :rofl:

This is tricky. There are separate settings for Word and Definition. Try to switch them on/off. I’m confused about how it works, but it’s sill possible to have a mix of typing and choosing. And yes, it should be easier for users to change learning modes.


This sort of thing is sometimes tied to “points harvesting” courses and is reported to @MemriseSupport

points have been increasingly sidelined in the current experience and they aren’t in the new version of Memrise

That’s unfortunate. I’ve been incorporating Memrise into my courses for roughly seven years, and without the points system I don’t have a way to give students credit for using Memrise. It’s one of the parts of my courses that I receive the most positive feedback on, and I’m sad that I won’t be able to use it in future semesters.

I appreciate being informed though. It’s better to have advance warning than to be surprised in the middle of a semester.


well, one can just hope we’ll get a fair warning ahead, about those changes (again?!) … I am not in any mood to learn - I am not 10 years old - on the “one size fits all” site, that seems to be “the ideal memrise” for the owners. I am trying to finish as fast as possible the many courses I saved etc., but … Time to jump boat/finally disembark is closing in…

Now that mems are also gone - which makes learning Mandarin and Japanese reduced to rote learning … not for my age…

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Days count until the next review date is broken on the web. It works alright in the app, but your reviews on the website are ignored. I just reviewed these items (classic review), and they all should be marked with “180 days”.


I think your typing settings are broken. I just tried an official course and it was all typing exercises. I have “Priorizar pruebas de escritura en el repaso” turned off.

On another level I had 3-4 flashcards out of 18 words. I don’t want to type at all and can’t turn it off. :frowning:

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I will have that checked, this was on the website?

Yes, I’m talking only about the website in this thread.