Largest Japanese courses

I don’t know if anyone will find this useful, I don’t necessarily think quantity maps to quality. However I figured I would share it regardless in case anyone else is interested.

For some reason this very large course I stumbled upon a long time ago, that takes an estimated 874 hours to complete, popped into my head, and got me wondering "What is the largest course for Japanese (my target language). So, I set out to figure it out.

Here are the ten largest Japanese courses on Memrise:

  1. Japanese 3000 words - by golden.FISH - Memrise
  2. Japanese miscellaneous vocab - by Billsj - Memrise
  3. Japanese Vocab - by 14ercooper - Memrise
  4. Sentences for Wanikani 7-12 - by AntonioMaceo - Memrise
  5. 日本語の語彙 - by kkaebs0ng - Memrise
  6. Japanese dictionary part 2 hiragana (al… - by metaldaddie44 - Memrise
  7. Japanese dictionary part 3.1 katakana(a… - by metaldaddie44 - Memrise
  8. Japanese dictionary part 3.5 katakana(a… - by metaldaddie44 - Memrise
  9. Japanese dictionary part 3.3 katakana(a… - by metaldaddie44 - Memrise
  10. Japanese dictionary part 3.6 katakana(a… - by metaldaddie44 - Memrise
  11. Japanese dictionary part 3.2 katakana(a… - by metaldaddie44 - Memrise
  12. Japanese dictionary part 3.4 katakana(a… - by metaldaddie44 - Memrise
  13. Vocabulary for JLPT 1,2 - by usako - Memrise
  14. Eigo Ganbare: JLPT N1 Vocab (audio) - by alee50 - Memrise
  15. JLPT N2 from Memrise Beta - by BenWhately - Memrise

I’m sure most of these courses contain duplicates. Most of them you can at least cut in half because they have both kanji and kana versions of every card. The dictionary ones probably contain a lot of words you don’t need to know. Most of these courses are probably unideal for learning. I’m a bit disappointed there doesn’t seem to be a comprehensive deck for Japanese on Memrise. Dealing with decks with various rankings for words and therefore having duplicates is a pain.

Replicating my process:

  1. Load all courses in the Japanese category and copy the entire webpage when you are done
  2. Use /(\d+)h/g on RegExr to find all numbers preceding h, and copy results
  3. Use a number extractor to get the numbers by itself for step 4
  4. Sort the numbers with this number sorter
  5. Take the largest numbers and CTRL+F them on the Memrise Japanese category page, adding h if needed