(Language Problem)

I am trying to learn German so I changed my phone’s language to German and now all the interface in app is German and I cant find German course. Can you help me

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Do you want to keep your phone’s interface in German but study German courses in Memrise, or are you having a hard time switching your phone’s interface back to your native language?

Nope, I am okay with that. I have moved to the Germany and I am trying to learn German as much as I can do so I don’t want to convert back to my native language. I want to participate the German course in this state

I don’t really understand your problem…of course Memrise “believes” that those who give “I speak German” in their settings don’t really want to learn beginner’s level German. You should put memrise back on your native language if you want to see the beginner courses


@Etheemm, Okay :slight_smile:

If you want to do that, I think you’ll need to use the website to enroll in courses. Once you’ve enrolled in courses through the website, they should show up on your phone as well :slight_smile:

Does that make sense?

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Hi @Etheemm,

In the app, when you select ‘learn’ then the drop down arrow (top left), then ‘+’, then scroll down the list of languages, don’t you see ‘German’ at the bottom of the list? Then choose ‘browse more courses’. That should take you to any German courses for German speakers (the same place you can change your default language setting). Is that where you are trying to get to?

Maybe I have misunderstood the issue.

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are you sure?

i wouldn’t think it would make any difference

but anyway, i wouldn’t put my phone’s settings on German if i wojld still be learning it


Quite new to Memrise and I have the same issue. I am using Memrise APP for Android and my phone language is set to German and the app is not showing any German related courses. On the Web and another phone on English this issue is not present.

Best regards

Hi @rivo4net and welcome,

I’ll try to help. If your phone language is set to your native language, the app should recognise this and show you courses in other languages to learn. For example, if your native language is English (and your phone is set to English), the app should display all the other language courses that Memrise offers (eg, German, French, Spanish, etc). If your phone is set to German, the app will assume that you don’t want/need to learn German.

Alternatively, you can change your language settings in the app. The way to do this is explained in the FAQs:

Hope this helps. Good luck!


Further to what Alan wrote: I’d suggest you pick the course(s) you want to learn via the website instead of the app. Particularly community courses can only be picked/started from there, not from the app. You can also apply source/target language filters there.