Landscape mode not available for "Pronunciation" and "Learn with Locals"

  • Description of the issue: For my language learning, I use an Android tablet in landscape orientation with a physical keyboard attached. Memrise correctly uses landscape mode for all screens except for the “Pronunciation” and “Learn with Locals” lesson types in which it forces the screen into portrait mode. I consider Memrise not honouring the tablet orientation to be a bug - that it does not do this consistently is poor design and careless software development in my opinion. It annoys me every time the screen orientation changes with the lesson type, and it just makes my tablet awkward to use when doing pronunciation exercises with a keyboard attached. Yes, I can detach the keyboard, but why should the user have to do this in order to use a microphone with an app? And, I’ll only have to reattach the keyboard again for the next lesson (of which I do several at a sitting).

While perhaps the Learn with Locals screen layout may need some care in rearranging it for landscape mode (I suggest simply putting the video to one side of the text), the Pronunciation screen should be easy to convert to present nicely in both portrait and landscape modes.

Can I make a plea, for you to please not follow Duolingo and do away with landscape mode as a way of “solving” this issue. I think Memrise is better than that.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

  • Android version 9

  • Memrise app version: 2.94_25045_memrise

  • Description of steps to reproduce the issue

  1. Open Memrise on a tablet in landscape orientation
  2. Open any language course with pronunciation lessons
  3. With the screen in landscape mode, select a Pronunciation lesson and the screen should reorient to portrait mode even if the screen is still physically landscape oriented.

Thanks for raising this issue, I’ve created a ticket so our team can have a look asap (QA-811).