Kurmanji Kurdish listening/speaking material

It would be great if someone could add listening/speaking material to the Kurmanji Kurdish courses…it’s all written unfortunately. I became a subscriber in the hope of having access to listening material/other courses that are not available for free but to be honest I am quite disappointed and see little benefits in paying for this subscription. Thanks

Hi buddy, which stage you are right now?

J. SIngh . https://plex.software/ Vidmate

Hi Jovitit,

I have been studying Kurmanci Kurdish for one year or so, now on a upper elementary/lower intermediate level. In need of material to practice listening skills. Thanks!

You can follow an American student’s experiences around classroom setting, and is the equivalent of the material covered in a one-year college course. Liteblue

Thanks for this. Not too sure I understood…is this a course available on Memrise that you’re referring to?