Korean multiple choices stupidly easy

On the app for Korean, when you get multiple choices for words, often I get the word I’m looking for and the other choices are simply letters or syllables like “geu”, “e”, “ng”… like, the choice is pretty obvious and it doesn’t help practicing at all.


I second this. A lot of questions are not helpful because they can trivially be solved by selecting the longest option. On the other hand there’s some questions with two identical choices, but one is considered correct and the other one wrong. The korean course(s) were clearly cobbled together without the love they deserve. Please fix!

Do you mean the Korean Memrise Course, level 1, or another course?
It might be helpful to post URL link and title.

Korean memrise course, I’m at level 2.

I’m using the app therefore there is no URL. And I wasn’t aware there was more than one place to access those courses.

I’ll take this opportunity to add that the korean course teaches expression that people don’t actually use (I speak fluently and I’m using the app to review). For example they teach “my mother” but koreans always say “our mother” even if talking about one’s mother, it’s just how the language is. I just think it’s too bad that course seem to have been neglected.

Try posting your question here: [Course Forum] Korean 1-7 by Memrise.

Dominique, from what I’ve seen the courses made by Memrise itself are not really good for Korean…
If you visit the site through your computer or google a course from your phone (using their website instead of the app) you will find a lot of user-made Korean courses based on coursebooks or videos.

If you’re serious about learning Korean it might be better to use one of those.