Korean keyboard layout, how'd everyone else learn it

How’d everyone go about memorising where all the Hangeul characters are on an English keyboard!?!

As with Japanese the English letters pretty much translated with the Japanese Kana (how they sound) ie:
a = あ (a)
ta = た (ta) etc…

But, with Hangeul it is very confusing to remember where each is on the keyboard ie:
a = ㅁ(m)
k = ㅏ(a)

I have had a quick look through the user-created memrise courses to see if there is a course where it prompts you with the Hangel (ㅁ, ㅏ) and to enter the correct keyboard letter (a, k).and prompting vice-versa. But have yet to find a course such as this.
If there is a course like this, if someone could put up a link for it it would be much appreciated.
Otherwise I think I’m going to have to create one myself, but hopefully there is all ready one as I haven’t got much time to create a course at the moment.

A couple years back I watched this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38OXAls6q2M . It might help you out with learning the layout. It gets somewhat easier when you realise that the consonants are on the left and vowels on the right side. Also, as she did with the bottom left side, you could make mnemonics for a whole row and learn it that way.

Other than that, I’d recommend to just not worry about it (don’t make a course, it’s pointless and non-intuitive). If you write enough Korean, your brain should take care of the placement of your fingers subconsciously (just how it did with the English keyboard layout), that’s what happened to me with Russian. So learn new words, and you’ll remember them eventually. If you get frustrated, you can always enable the on-screen keyboard by right-clicking the taskbar.

Hope that helped somehow and good luck with Korean,

Edit : Looked for a layout course and found this https://www.memrise.com/course/178836/korean-keyboard-layout/ though I strongly recommend to also watch the video and do some vocab while you’re at it.

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Thanks, I will definitely was the video later. :slight_smile:

I’ll try that course for a bit, but will try and do what you said and just try and learn vocab and hopefully gradually pick up where everything is laid out on the keyboard.

I was thinking maybe I’ll print out the Korean keyboard layout, then that way while learning vocab if I’m not too sure where a Hangeul is on the keyboard I can refer to the print out.

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I bought a keyboard that has both English and Hangul letters on it.

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I was frustrated for about two or three days. After that, everything went more or less automatic.

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