Korean 1 Thru Korean 7 (Official Memrise) Combined Course

Just finished Korean 1. Now onto Korean 2. Why isn’t it pulling all the words/phrases from Korean 1 into Korean 2? I’m assuming it’ll be this way through the whole official Memrise Korean 1-7 courses. This is very frustrating as I would like the current lesson to includes review of all previous courses. Why is this not an official way of doing it?

I’m not confident in everything that was taught in Korean 1 and I assumed the review of this would continue into Korean 2. Has anyone made a full 1-7 course? Can Memrise make a fix to this to include all previous courses in the current new one?


If you are using the web to learn, you can filter to a given language …


… and then, provided you have items to review, click the “Review all items” button that appears above the filtered list:


Note that this is only available on the web. If you are using the iOS/Android apps, you’ll have to select each course and then review that course’s items.

Of course you can review all items any time - you don’t have to wait for Memrise to bring up a review list.
Just click the three-dots-button in the apps or the nine-buttons-button on the web (LOL, is that a coincidence?) and choose the type of session you’d like to start.

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THX for your fast reply. I will look at this feature. It seems like it will do what I’d like. :slight_smile:

I’ll reply here even though your question comes from another thread, but since the other thread is really geared at Memrise’s Korean courses, it makes more sense this way.

The number depends on what Memrise thinks you need to review. If you don’t see any number, you don’t have any items to review.
If you do, you will first go through these words whenever you start any type of review session.

Now which words are up for review is determined by Memrise’s implementation of SRS.
See my posting here for more information:

That said, while - on the web - you can only go through “words up for review” via the filter as I described it, you can always just start any type of review session in a course (or a level in a course), this will give you a random set of words from that course or level.