Known Android Bugs- Please read before creating a new thread

Last updated: 28/October/2021

Please see the following list of Android bugs that we are aware of and refrain from creating a duplicate thread. This list will be updated as and when we have more information.

Bug Link to forum thread Status
Speed Review throws an error on image-based courses Speed Review on picture course: Could not load the session. Whoops - #3 by ale_c Aware (internal code QA-657)
Learn New Words throws an error (user-generated course) due to blank columns in edit mode Learn New Words: Could not load the session Aware (internal code PLAT-3184)
Pronunciation fails to recognise some items Pronunciation exercise error - #4 by NitzanSchwarz Working on it (internal code PLAT-7316)
Listening Skills throws an error: ‘You need to learn some more words to practise listening’ N/A Working on it (internal code MA-8501)
Connecting to Facebook throws an error N/A Aware (internal code MA-8588)
‘Continue learning’ button causes screen to flash and return to home screen N/A Working on it (internal code MA-8590)

If you have any further information or questions on any of the bugs above, please comment in the relevant thread.