Known Android Bugs- Please read before creating a new thread

Please see the following list of Android bugs that we are aware of and refrain from creating a duplicate thread. This list will be updated as and when we have more information.

Bug Link to forum thread Status
Changes to courses on web does not update in the android app Started a course on the website; it won't show up on the phone app Resolved in version 2.94_24699_memrise✅
Streaks on web and android are not synced Streak issues on PC and Android app Working on it (internal code QA-703)
Speed Review throws an error on image-based courses Speed Review on picture course: Could not load the session. Whoops Aware (internal code QA-657)
Learn New Words throws an error (user-generated course) due to blank columns in edit mode Learn New Words: Could not load the session Aware (internal code PLAT-3184)
App is lagging on latest versions Android bugs Aware (internal code QA-719)
Course Download feature not working Offline courses will not download----again Working on it (internal code MA-7598)

If you have any further information or questions on any of the bugs above, please comment in the relevant thread.