Kid friendly course

Hi All,

I was having my 9 year old daughter take the Spanish from Spain and Mexico version.
On the Spanish version you see crap as mierda. Which actually means shit. Then you have the question about Condoms.
On the Mexico version you have worlds like Sexy.
I have taken the French and German courses and so far have no idea how to say condoms in those languages.
I’m not scare of words but I don’t want her to talk to her abuela and tell her Mierda when she gets mad.
Is there a way to get a Kid friendly version of the course?

PS. It would be great to have an Andalusian version of Spanish beside the Castilian and Mexican versions.

You can go through the course ahead of her and “ignore” anything objectionable. There are courses that won’t have that stuff, too - you might just have to go through a few first. Don’t limit her to the “official” courses.
Here’s one for verbs: Verb Conjugation by Person - A Simpler … - by SLL - Memrise, and there are others that are appropriate.

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