Keyboard underlining

Can I ask why the keyboard provided for typing answers has the letters underlined. I find this unnecessarily difficult to read e.g. i and j become indistinguishable. Could the letters be formatted without underlining please?

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Hello @rickerby!

Could you clarify your question?
Is this on Android, iOS or Web?

If web, have you tried to use it in another browser, just to make sure this is not your device configuration?


I am on an iPad. IOS 10.1.1
I mean when asked to type the Portuguese word for something and one is offered a selection of letters to choose from at the bottom they are all underlined.

I see @rickerby. I tried it on Android and they don’t seem to be underlined.

@Lien, maybe you could we help us with this one (or address this issue to the right person)?


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Hi @rickerby,

You should be able to switch the underlining off via Settings > general > accessibility > Toggle off “Button shapes”

I hope that helps?

Any trouble, let me know.

Best wishes,


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Many thanks that has fixed it!

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