Keep getting logged out

(Kik4444) #1

Ever since yesterday I’ve started being logged out of my account maybe roughly 30 seconds after logging in. I don’t know what causes it, and this happens in one session, I don’t even have to close my browser. I simply just log in, learn 5 items, then when I clock on next it takes me to log in screen where I log in again and continue learning. This also happens after reviewing 100 items, though the strange thing is that even though it takes me longer than 30 seconds to go through 5 or 100 items, my progress is saved after I login afterwards.

(Casper Duo) #2

I have logged out from my account and now it’s happening to me too.

(only an user) #3

Hello. I’m using the web version with Chrome, and both yesterday and today, I’ve been logged in for more than 3 hours, and my connection is normal. Maybe it’s a problem with a specific browser?

(Kik4444) #4

Are you on something other than Chrome?

(only an user) #5

No, I only use chrome (web version). And I do not use app. Another possibility could be that there was some update and if you use some extension, it may have been out of date?

EDIT: The question was whether I use another browser besides chrome, or if I use other programs at the same time as chrome? Sorry, I do not speak English well, and sometimes I do not understand the question. The first option I answered above, but if it was the second option, yes, I use other programs at the same time. I keep the chrome open with memrise, but sometimes, I use text editor, image editor, etc. While I use chrome, in addition to the Memrise page, I open another page with translator, facebook, etc.

(Casper Duo) #6

Try to disable Memrise Monitor and Memrise on Steroids.
This issue seems to be related to them.

(Casper Duo) #7

My issue is resolved.