KCFErrorDomainCFNetwork 303

(Arajparis1) #1

Since 5 weeks I’m having this error on my screen when I use Menrise Pro on Iphone IOS 12.0. That appear in prononciation, videos and listening exercises. The other works very well.

I have reinstalled several times the app but it didn’t work. For some courses it works very well and for other it doesn’t. I’m taken all German and some English books.

If someone is having the same bug, might inform us what to do?

(khx333) #2

Have not seen that one, usually it indicates that the stack code in the app or OS can’t parse an incoming HTTP server response (I actually know the engineer who wrote the original CFNetwork stack).
I assume you have the latest iOS Memrise app installed as well as have the latest iOS version also installed to avoid any known bugs. Also that this phone is not brickwalled and have strange OS versions and patches causing grief.