Katakana vocabulary in hiragana is confusing

Hello, after doing the introduction to Japanese and almost jabbing finished level 1, I noticed first that there was some kanji words popping up in the course before even learning katakana.

I did multiple courses in real life (had to stop some point and start over from first year) and every course the first thing was to learn both hiragana and katakana. That is like the real basic thing, you learn both in few first months. (2 to 4 hours a week schooling).

So now I noticed that at the end of lesson one,already learning kanji and still no katakana, that more and more vocabulary came that should be katakana, but still in hiragana.

Now for me as I know the logic of where to use katakana this is highly confusing and kind of counter productive, my brain has trouble now to wrap around this awkward situation.

I went looking into level 2 and still there no sign of katakana, yet it says you learn 100 kanji in that lesson.

IAM super sad because I probably have to stop using this app as this is getting way to confusing.

But for others that are learning by this app not knowing this, that is even worse, I wonder how it is possible that this basic logic in learning Japanese (to start with learning the two kana alfabets) managed to be ignored, this is like Japanese 101, Japanese for dummies basic starting point, …

I am so confused, and sad to come this far and realising this only now… this makes me questioning the whole Memrise thing, how could this happen? This is in my opinion a fundamental mistake and really, millions of people are getting sent in the wrong way

Confused. Sad, I hope I missed some setting somewhere.

Hi @marcel_snottebel :slight_smile:

I checked your learning list (see here), and realized that you are learning the official course: Japanese for Dutch speakers. And for Dutch speakers, at the moment, Memrise has only the first version (your course 1 has a girl figure, and the current version of the Japanese 1 for English speakers has a picture of sakura). Memrise recently started releasing new versions of its courses (see here), but I do not know when it will be released for Dutch.

If you can understand English, this is the language that has more courses available in Japanese, both official courses and courses created by the community. The direct link is: Learn Japanese online - the fastest way to speak | Memrise

With the new version, the official Japanese course starts with “Japanese 0”, which has only hiragana and katakana, with the exception of the final level, which has some numerals in kanji. But “Japanese 1” already has several kanji’s.

So if you want to fix katakana and hiragana before moving on to a course that has kanji, there are several community courses. See the post below written by @tampora, which gives many suggestions.

The links are already from the new site Decks (sister site of Memrise), which will be officially released soon, but it is already in the beta phase, and can be accessed with the same Memrise login. For now you can access them from both the Memrise site and the Decks website. The link is:


I’ve moved your post to the forum for the official memrise courses for Japanese, @marcel_snottebel.