Just putting this out there, would anyone be interested in starting a Swedish Memrise Group?

I am currently finishing off ‘Swedish 3’, and I’m a New Zealand (English speaking) dude that tries to get immersed in the swedish-speaking world, but find it way too hard to converse with people with a native tongue. I was starting to think maybe starting a study group whereby people are interested in getting together for text or even voice convos to help one another, and start to train on the vocal aspect of it at a really beginner/intermediate level.

Shout out if you’re keen, if there’s a few of us feeling the same then maybe we could all chat in Swedish!

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Cool idea! I was attending a Swedish class, but the group became too small and won’t continue. We were offered the chance of attending another group but, seeing as I really didn’t like the teacher (she isn’t a native speaker and I was beginning to notice it, but that was by far not the only problem with her “teaching”), I have decided not to re-enroll.

I would be interested in this because I really need the chance to get my mouth used to forming Swedish words. In my head, I am quite fluent, but when I actually open my mouth, it all gets mangled …

What’s your name on memrise?


Same as my forum username! here: https://www.memrise.com/user/tommacpherson87/

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