Just added 2970 audio files to thai-frequency-top-4000-words

After the missing transliterations, I just added today 2970 audio files to the https://www.memrise.com/course/320395/thai-frequency-top-4000-words/ created by @BlueRock68 (thanks !)

I am reluctant to upload speech synthesis for the missing ones, but maybe I’ll do it if I cannot find any fairly usable source.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


That is awesome. I have a question though regarding the 4000 words memrise:

  1. voices are different all the time. (First hour, first 20 words)
  2. Audio is different all the time.
  3. Some audio clips are annoyingly bad - in one you can hear someone actually talking in the background.

These are for the first 20 words only. Maybe the other 3980 is better, just curious how that could be.

And I have good speakers and my headphones is Bang Olufsen H6 with a Creative Labs E5 external sound card.)

This is not necessary.

Users can simply install Cooljingle’s userscript “Memrise Audio Provider” for the browser Tampermonkey / Violentmonkey addons/extensions.

It works quite good for my Portuguese (Brazil) courses where 50languages is missing uploaded audio.

It supports “Google translate TTS”, if a single word has missing audio.

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Much appreciated Luc!