Jumping Levels

Some courses are insane with the amount of words in one course (e.g. Japanese, Its over 9000!!!) :sweat_smile:

So a function where you can jump levels to look up / review certain levels would be nice.

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I don’t think you’re forced to learn levels/chapters in a sequence - just go to the level that you want to learn and then click the learn button!

:sweat_smile: Sorry, apparently I’m not that good with explaining myself.
Exactly that. Going to the level that I want to learn via scrolling takes up time when there are 193 levels in the course I spoke of (Its over 9000!!! Wörter mit Audio)…

Ah, I see what you mean. There’s no way of dealing with that I’m afraid. However, once you “skip” to a certain level, you should be able to use the dashboard’s (or main app screen’s) Learn button to learn from the highest level onward.
Viel Glück dabei! :slight_smile: