Joining memrise on discord


How can I get invitation link to join memrise on discord ?

Hi @ac89live23,

Welcome to the community - glad you found it.

As I said on the other » thread « in question,

it might be because you are new here and one needs to build up one’s presence first by reading around, replying and giving “likes”.

Seems unlikely. Discord is an independent company and not connected to this forum (which is on Discourse software). The shared invitation link to the Discord server is probably time-restricted.

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Indeed it is time restricted.
I got last week invitation link via the memrise iphone application, but disappeared few minutes after. I hope they will re share it again.

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I have been constantly recieving invitations to join with me accepting every time and nothing happening until today with me landing on Discord. For those of us that rarely or have never use that platform its a very confusing place and time consuming trying to navigate your way around. I applied for a ticket request I ended up in another group . Also tried MemWorld Assistant but had to log in and it opened a new account instead of my existing one. Not sure if this space is for me because i practice Spanish for short time periods on a daily basis. I was also thinking as a native English speaker also possibly helping in English Language section. But I am not interested in long idle chatting sessions. Or am I missing something. Open to any and all suggestions.

I keep on (arbitrarily) getting an invitation in the Android app as well. It doesn’t happen all too often, maybe once a month over the last 6 months or so. Clicking never seemed to initiate anything other than bringing up a page. I haven’t seen a pattern regarding when this happens.

Maybe @MemriseSupport can shed some light on this?

Thanks Olaf for your response. I have been searching through support but have found no specific answer to my issue. Maybe I just need to ignore these requests and just continue learning how I always have done … alone :sweat_smile:.
Greetings and success with your language journey.

Outlook voor Android downloaden

Please use this link

Once you’ve joined discord you have to click the memrise “server”