JLPT N2 - Mastering Grammar + Audio

For everyone that is struggling to learn the grammar rules for JLPT N2, I made this course, which includes

  • the grammar rule,
  • several sentences,
  • pictures,
  • the kana, and
  • audio specific to the sentence

The grammar and sentences can be read very easily, so it makes it easy to memorize the correct grammar structure.

If you have any feedback or if the course has mistakes, feel absolutely free to publish them here!

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This is a great course. I loved how sentences and audios were included, this made it different from other grammar courses on Memrise which just cover the grammar rule.

By the way, do you have any plans to create the same course for N1 Grammar? :slight_smile:

I think can manage to make one for JLPT N1, but I have to get some free time first. Each course takes me like 20 hours or more to make since I have to get the audio for each sentence individually and download explanations for the grammar. Uploading and organizing it also takes me days.

But don’t worry, I’ll manage, I guess. Hopefully next month I’ll be done with it.

Cheers :wink:


I also forgot to add that I am working in a Japanese Linguistics course, which is also taking some of my time :sweat_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: Sounds like you have a great process to make custom courses, by the way!

@ xzwong1, I think I forgot how much time this took me last time. It has been 20 hours and I am done with only half of the transcription hahaha. I still need to get the audio and upload it one by one. I really do not know how long it will be but at least there’s some progress…

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I’m also building an N2 course on memrise. Can you please tell me how to quickly add audio to the course?. Currently I have to add each audio file in the upload section. Quite inconvenient

@MEGA6.45 There is no quick way; that is precisely how I did it. Recorded one by one, added one by one. I know it’s excruciating; Memrise should change it in the future.

Hi there! Firstly, thank you for making this. I appreciate all of your hard work!

There are spelling errors on the Level 10 だけましだ grammar point though. Where the kanji for 首 is supposed to go, it has 道 instead.




So it is supposed to be 首になってしまった and 首にならないだけましだ

Thank you for this awesome course! I was looking for something like this as this would help me better retain the grammar points I study.
@la_mehran I have a query, you mentioned in your post that you have included images in the course, but I am not able to see them. Is it because I am a free member? Also, is there any way to add the explanation for the grammar point as I can only see the example sentences?

Hi Jake,
Every sentence used to have a mem with explanations and more. I’m sad because the new update removed all of those. I may do something about it if I get the time.

As Memrise is phasing out the community created courses, you probably want to backup your content so it does not get lost.

Personally I’m moving my vocabulary studies to https://marumori.io/ but Anki might also be a good choice.