JLPT N1 Kanji 日本語総まとめ 漢字 won't work on Android

(Sxh967) #1

This course works perfectly fine on the web but when I try to load it on my Android phone (ASUS ZenPhone 4 Max) it won’t work.

Before I updated the app yesterday it was giving me the “cannot load course” error and then sending me back to the courses menu. Post-update I can click on the course but clicking its info shows no new words to learn and doesn’t show the planet icons for levels. If I click “Learn New Words” it just sends me to the last other course I was doing on my phone.

In other words, for some reason Android is ignoring the course completely.

It’s really annoying because this is the first Kanji course I’ve found where I like the layout and think I can stick it with for once.

Can anyone add it to their device and see if they get the same issue?

I’ve just deleted and reinstalled Memrise on my phone and the image I posted is what I get. Weird because literally none of my other courses do this on Android.

Many thanks

Lesson error on android app