JLPT N1 - Complete Vocabulary + Audio

This is the forum for the course, if it needs feedback, it can be deposited here.
The course contains the following:

  • Kanji and Reading for every word
  • Attributes for every word (noun, adverb, ichidan/godan verb, transitive/intransitive, etc)
  • Option to prompt with English or with Kana
  • Audio for every word
  • Alternative readings for controversial writing forms (new forms being added with time)

Feel free to check out the other courses I’ve created as well.


Hello! First of all, many thanks for the course. It’s one of my favorite.
For some reason i can’t complete the TEST KANA part.

Maybe i’am doing something wrong.
Again, thx a lot for the great job

Don’t worry! I solved it. Seems like I forgot to fill one of the definitions slots

thanks a lot =)

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Not sure if it’s only mobile, but I seem to have the same issue where the kana sections cannot be fully completed. Could you look into this please? Thanks!

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Hi there,

I seem to be having those issues with the test kana parts, too, which is causing an error when I try to enter into the course via “learn new words”. The course looks great otherwise, I would love to use it a bit more but the glitch is making it a bit awkward to use.

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Can you remember which level it was? So I fix it without looking at all the levels :grimacing:


It’s actually every level that’s “Test Kana” - essentially there are some words in every level that’s only hirakana (i.e. non-Kanji) so they only show up in “Test Meaning” yet “Test Kana” is counting them in the total number. For example, for 1-20 Test Meaning, there are 19 items, one of which is だるい in kana form instead of 怠い in Kanji. Still, you can complete this lesson because you can finish 19/19.

However, the same corresponding 1-20 Test Kana, the term だるい doesn’t show up on the list, thus even after full completion, this lesson shows 18/19. I noticed it’s every lesson that’s Test Kana that exhibits this behaviour.