JLPT 5-1 synonyms (WIP) by Aramin7

Hi , please report any problems here and they’ll get fixed in a day or two.
This is my first public course so tell me if theres something im missing.

Text prompts dont seem to be working so just ignore this below for now , if anyone has an idea as to why please tell me , ty

*To answer English prompts you need to answer with 1 word , if theres 2 different kanji writings of the word or 2 different kana readings you still need to answer with 1 word , doesnt matter if kanji is used or youre just answering with kana. Somewhere i’ve included 2 kanji word asnwers in this format *
*F1 *
So thats 田ぼ,田んぼ , no spaces just kanji+comma+kanji

*To asnwer japanese prompts this is the format *


*If the word has translations that arent related to each other ,for example *
(1) organization, (2) structure, construction, (3) tissue, (4) system NOT 体系(たいけい)

*you can of course answer with just 1 thing or you can use this format *

*If you cant remember all meanings just take the last bit off *
OR this

Alternatively you can remember the first of each and you can answer with that like
(this format doesnt support taking stuff off at the end : “1organisation2structure3tissue” wouldnt work)

If youre sure you know all the meanings make sure you know in what order they go , otherwise play it safe and only answer with the first translation of each number , or just with 1 word.