Japanisch im Sauseschritt 1 - Contributor request


contact thread:

because I use this textbook to study japanese and found a error in the first few questions,
and some clumsily choosen translations on others

I never tried to create a course but I think, this should not be a great problem,
because I’m a software developer since late 1999, so I’m experienced with creating code, dataformat files and so on

maybe an admin could do something to help me correcting it and other 学生 to study it correct :wink:


Hi! Sebastian.

I am Kohki, a Japanese native speaker and a software developer too.
I am happy to proofread all the content and correct errors. Also, I am happy to do the recording for Japanese vocabulary/sentences.

If you can do the recording for the German part, I want to make a video material that would help memorization even more and share it on YouTube as well. (Revenue will be yours).

Let me know what you need and how I can help you here or in my Slack community.

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Hello @sebastianbrandner and @Kohki_Mametani9e79cd,

for your information: I just checked the course in question and, sadly, @Chyann is not a member of the forum and can thus not be contacted from here.
That said, I’d advise you guys to become a contributor to the course. When you do so, Memrise will attempt to contact the course author (Chyann). If he/she doesn’t react or they find out that he/she hasn’t used Memrise in a longer time, they’ll add you as contributor. In this case you can make the necessary amendments by editing the course.

You can read more about becoming a contributor here:



thanks for reviewing my request. do i have to do something else or only wait for a message from memrise admins?


You’ll have to take action yourself, i. e. by starting a new thread in the sub-forum.

That said, I just glanced at the thread again. The bottom/last post is probably the most interesting as it leads to the Read-Me for abandoned courses.

I think this is the new thread. The first one is here:


Yes, this is what I thought I have to do

Link to course, request first and wait, then add this contact thread and open here the contributor request thread

I read it multiple times now to check if I had understood something wrong :thinking: because it’s not my native tongue :blush:

Geez, I’m really sorry - I didn’t even notice that @sebisan posted in the right forum! Sorry for being “counter-helpful”!

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