Japanese kanji difficult to read

Doing ‘Difficult Words’ the kanji is so light that it is difficult to decipher.


It’s bloody well invisible!


Is this what you meant about the background colours and the light grey? What Gabriele has posted looks like a screenshot of Decks as it appears in its “mobile-friendly” version, but the kanji are totally invisible to me, not just “difficult to decipher” :frowning:

@MemriseMatty. Can someone please fix this problem.

P.S. It;s not just Difficult words, it’s also Learn Words and Phrases,

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There is also a thread about the new design, perhaps you could post these screenshots there, too?

I don’t think this is a bug as such, it has more to do with the new design and the new colours.


Now they are gone. The new design has eliminated them.

@Mario_Quesada33 What has been eliminated? Are you saying that it’s been solved?

The problem persists on my phone even after reinstalling the app.

Here’s a screenshot of a Learn Words screen. The “definition/meaning” below the target phrase is just barely legible.

For the sake of comparison, it’s slightly easier to read definitions written with roman letters because the lines are thicker.