Japanese input carry-over

Hello all,

I’m having difficulty finding settings that will make the kanji/hiragana/katakana I type to be cleared for follow up questions. After input the next question will appear, and look blank, but as soon as I start input it’ll fill with the previous answer. I don’t know if this is because Memerise now auto accepts the answer, if it’s settings on my Japanese Mac computer, or what. Does anyone have experience with this issue or advice? It’s quite the pain to delete each answer, and to remember to do so when you’ve gotten into the groove of typing quickly and it appears blank.

Additionally I’m curious what font everyone uses, as I’d like to use a font that plays well with Memrise and where all the characters and appear the same.

Any help for the above would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

it has indeed something to do with the auto-accept, and with the OS one is using… quite a number of users learning Korean and Japanese reported this ugly bug, but the team never gave an answer

(see for ex this: Memrise Release Notes - 28 Nov 2017 (Update on changes to typing test))