Japanese Duolingo for English Learners ~ mistakes


I’ve noticed an error in Phrases Block 3 - ‘I speak Japanese’ is using the kanji 英語 instead of 日本語.

Japanese duolingo for English!

i speak japanese and u need to type i speak english also breakfast has two answers… and また来週会いましょう
See you next week this makes no sens… i also sent mails to the creator but never got back any reply


can the creator of this cours… https://www.memrise.com/user/jessie177/courses/teaching/ get back to me here or reply my email, there are some corrections that need to be done!


I have already fix it. Thank you for your messages and your patient.


To C13H16ClNO, as you can see from link above there is no mistake from Japanese Duolingo’s point of view.:face_with_monocle:


There is an error: Japanese duolingo for English speakers, 27 - TIME - block 16

Calendar (English origin) is not appearing in multiple choice questions, making it impossible to progress in the ‘Time’ block.


Thank you for reporting it. I am going to correct it. :slight_smile:


Done.:tanabata_tree: Keep going and good luck!


hey… i have a question… how do you write the kanji for taro as a name?? i seem to fail each time… and also hot water isn’t oyu お湯 … i cannot find it anywhere as yu … the kanji for hot yes is 湯 but hot water is oyu o_O


I don’t know how to explain how to write Japanese name Taro,:hushed: because I haven’t any problem with it but, I will try it :sunglasses: If you are using computer,first you have to write Taro in hiragana like this たろ then use spacebar (click on spacebar one time, two time, three time) search as long as you find the same kanji as is for name taro. When you will see the kanji for name Taro then click on enter and after it, it should display in exercise. If you are using tablet it should be more easy, again just write taro in hiragana たろ then you have to search in proposal which the keybord display on the top of the keyboard and choose the right one 太郎 It should be easy :grinning: I hope so. And for yu 湯 and oyu お湯 both are correct probably more often you will see お湯because it is more polite. But both are correct and I will add お湯 also. I think I just forget it add.




This video is about how to type japanese on computer. If anyone of you will have special question about how to type Japanese in some concrete system which you are using on your computer like Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 or anything else just write it here on discussion, and I will try to answer on it
Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:



lol, i did that and i do not have it… i have microsoft ime… i will try to use the windows one… maybe works there…


thank you so much for your reply!!!


What did help you?


the link! i am sub to yuta and i don’t know how i missed that video! thank you! arigatougozaimasu!!