Japanese course will erase your manually typed answer

Sometimes when you get a write the answer in Japanese the course will delete your handwrote answer.

Google Chrome
You just have to type the ending of the answer using a Japanese IME keyboard, and it would automatically delete itself
[Japanese 1 Memrise Google Chrome 2021 04 23 14 58 24 - YouTube]


Hi @MenyDelaTorre41, thanks for reaching out and for the helpful video! We’re having trouble reproducing this. I notice you are on Difficult Words mode, is this the only time it happens, or does it occur on other modes too?
Can you also please clarify if you the word deletes when you use the character tiles provided? Or only when you use your own keyboard?
Many thanks :smiley:

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It occurs in any mode that lets me manually input my answer.
It only happens when using my keyboard.
I modified the video’s privacy; it should be accessible now.

I started getting this behavior recently too on Difficult Words mode (didn’t test other modes before just switching off Beta until it’s fixed). I suspect it’s an interaction with the Japanese IME, since if I press enter on the first few characters to make them ineligible for kanji substitution, only the characters after that get deleted (the ones still underlined by the IME are the ones deleted). Maybe Memrise auto-accepting takes focus off the textbox, and the IME is discarding recently typed characters when focus is lost?

I’m using Google Chrome and Microsoft’s Japanese IME.

And doing Difficult Words or Classic Review not on the beta, it doubles the input instead:

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Hi all, thanks for the further comments, this is helpful! We’ve now opened up a bug report (internal code QA-875) and will flag it up with the web team who are still working on fixes to the new modes.


Is there any update on this ? I’ve been having this problem for around a month now and it’s a huge pain, because of this I literally stopped using memerise on my computer but I would really like to go back on it since doing it on the phone is way slower and tedious

Hi @Abstain_74, I’m afraid this bug is still being looked into, along with some other keyboard issues uses are experiencing in Beta mode. In the meantime, does the issue still occur for you if you switch off Alpha/Beta? You can see how to do so here: https://memrise.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015889157-What-is-Memrise-Beta-and-how-do-I-turn-it-on-off-on-web-

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