Japanese course, Bulk add problem

I don’t know why i’m writing about it just now as this problem was since i joined memrise, i guess i’m fed up.
Problem: while bulk adding if there is a line containing a japanese word written in hiragana and the english translation is presented with just one word then instead of importing the said word memrise creates an empty line in my database, and in attributes column it writes “noun”. If i replace the hiragana word with corresponding kanji it imports it normally as it is supposed to do. Also there is no problem when translation column contains more than just one translation, separated by comma.

Example; import いびき - snoring
鼾 - snoring
いびき - “snoring,snore”


Did you ensure that your import-file contains as many columns as the course itself?
Not that I would be an expert on this, and, actually, the line-break should be what triggers a new record (rather than the number of fields), but I suppose it would be worth a try …?