Japanese 4-7 (no script) release?

Currently only course 1-3 are available without script / romaji.

Does anybody know if the following courses (4-7) are going to be released at some point without script as well?

Hi @sushinom,

There will not be Japanese Romaji course 4-7. Do you feel having it will be useful for you?
Instead, we will have better ways to teach Kanji in the our course in the future so that people can learn the script properly.


Thank you for your reply.

I do think that it would be useful, as what I found very attractive about the memrise course was that it allowed me to learn the language without having to learn the any of the 3 scripts, which makes the course unique, and is something I believe many people are interested in, who want to speak fluently, but don’t want to learn Kanji.

I think it is a shame that all Japanese courses tend to bundle verbal fluency in with writing ability, as this forms a barrier to those who don’t want to fully commit to mastering the language, but would love to be able to converse with their Japanese friends.

Nevertheless, I think I will try to learn the script. Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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Personally, I would love a no script course beyond three. I have literally zero desire to be able to read Japanese, but really want to be able to speak it better. Is this something that may be released in the future?