Japanese 3-7 on the app isn't consistent

I found that there’s two different default courses for learning Japanese in the app. Japanese 0-2 seems to be updated and more consistent with learning Japanese (Phrases, grammar, words and forms, etc), but after 2, 3-7 seems to have been updated the same way with a lot of things being repeated and is inconsistent with how the way the courses have been in 0-2, which makes it unappealing to continue since I don’t really want to repeat stuff a bit differently. I don’t know how correct the phrases learned in 3-7 sounds to Japanese person, but it lacks. I enjoyed the Japanese up until I got into Japanese 3, and I hope you update the remaining courses on the app.

Hi @will_gladulich30 :slight_smile:

The official Japanese course has a Course Forum, and if you post there, you get a faster response from Memrise Japanese specialist KanaTsumoto.
There is a question similar to yours on that forum answered by KanaTsumoto. I will put the link below:

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Hi @will_gladulich30,

Thank you so much for this input, and yes, like @Milamy rightly pointed out, we are still working on updating the later courses, which I can’t promise a time for just yet. But it’s very useful to hear that you liked what we did in the Japanese 0-2, cause that will help us understand how we should do things in 3 and onwards. What about the 0-2 did you especially like? Could you give me some examples?


Well, I have a friend who very fluent in Japanese, and I’ve been reading stuff in Japanese and seeing a professional translation of that stuff, and after experiencing all that, I feel that the stuff I learned in Japanese 0-2 feels like more natural Japanese. A lot of stuff I use to teach my myself Japanese has been improved to give a more natural sounding translation in the past year (Google translate has improved their translations to make them sound natural in a conversation). I’m glad you guys are working on developing the next courses and can’t wait.