Japanese 1, 2, and 3 by Memrise

From what I can tell, there are two seperate Japanese courses made by Memrise. One has a purple thumbnail, and when I search japanese on the android app, it is the first you see. The other has a pink thumbnail and is the first course you see when you search Japanese on the web browser. It looks like the pink thumbnail version has more words available, but I am well into the purple courses (currently 3/4s done Japanese 2). Is there really much difference between the two courses? If so, is it possible for me to transfer my current progress from the purple courses to the pink courses, or should I just start level 3 as the pink course?

Thank you!

that is on the app??? they have 2… i saw some have romaji and some kanji on the browser… but i am also curious… and are they japaese 1-7 on the app and on the browser 1-3?

there already is a course forum for japanese by memrise
it is right below this thread in Japanese section.

you can ask any question there and will get a quick answer

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Looks like they just changed the thumbnails to pink. Just go off the titles (“Japanese 1”) and the uploader (Memrise). Mind you, I’m just looking on the desktop.

PS: There are better courses on Memrise than the official ones.

After a bit of detective work, I found out that the pink ones are the same, but have more content, which is why I was hoping that memrise would merge them instead of creating new ones. I am interested in in which courses you find better then the official Memrise ones and why (always looking for input).

I created the courses and put them under the SGJL Banner. I think they’re superior as they use popular resources (Remembering the Kana, Remembering the Kanji, Tae Kim Grammar, Core 6000 vocabulary, A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar), use audio for nearly everything, and I’ve made over 100 hours of videos to go with these.


Thanks Nukemarine. I will definitely check your stuff out.