Japanese 0 & 1 - mismatched audio

I’ve been having trouble with the Japanese course 0 and course 1 for a couple of days now. I’ve noticed several instances where the correct translation and the audio that accompanies it don’t match. Also I’ve noticed several times that the words wich the hint button gives as the correct answer are different than what I’ve previously learned.

For one example, today I got prompted to translate the phrase ‘I see/Is that so?’ (in that level).
I found it to be strange that these two phrases were lumped together, because I had previously learned these two as two separate sentences that are not used interchangeably, そうです (soudesu) meaning ‘I see’ and そうですか (soudesuka) meaning ‘Is that so?’
I put in そうです (soudesu), but the answer wasn’t accepted, and using the hint button added the か (ka) at the end, but the audio that played still only said ‘soudesu’.

I’m using the web app on PC with Firefox 115.0.3 64-bit

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Hey Maijia, you’re right, the audio was wrong on the item そうですか, it was saying そうです instead! We will fix it, thank you for notifying us.
Did you find other cases where the audio doesn’t match?

Also, yes, there have been a bit of a reshuffle of Japanese lately.
In the specific case you mention, そうですか can be translated as I see or Is that so? correctly. As you know by now, Japanese is a very context-sensitive language, and what surrounds a phrase can give it different meanings. That said, I think I see as a translation for そうです was not so correct, since そうです is used to confirm or agree with something the interlocutor just said, and so should be translated as that's right.

Actually, you will soon (in this level) learn another item which can be translated into I see: なるほど

Good luck with you learning journey, Japanese is a fantastic language!

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Hello Alexis

Since starting this thread I’ve noted down two other audio bugs in the Japanese 1 course:
できるだけ was read as “dekiru”, completely ignoring the last two characters,
お茶漬け was similarly read only as “ocha”

Thank you for looking into this.