I've finished all 7 Memrise Arabic courses, what next?

So I have finished the courses about 1-2 months ago. But I still feel like my Arabic isn’t stable enough to be used. What can I do to become fluent at it?

Well…at this point, learn a bit of the grammar if you haven’t already and immerse yourself in the language as much as possible. Best solution (what I did for 3 languages already) is to make your own course and as soon as you encounter a new word, put it in that course (you can also download and add audio files for that word from forvo.com)

Now that you finished the courses, the real challenge begins. The main courses don’t cover as much as you’d think they do, so looking for new, more complex words while listening to Arabic is the ideal solution. Good luck in your studies.

How about things like watching cartoons dubbed in Arabic or reading Arabic short stories?

Hey ! I think that now ! Is when you have a build base of this lenguaje. And you should start to having conversations, watching series or movies in this lenguaje and starting listening podcasts!

This is the best way to do it bro

Is more correct to say language :sweat_smile:, not languaje

Thanks, i mixed spanish with english :laughing:

Do you mean on Memrise or in general?

A very good grammar course on Youtube:
Ian Campel Georgia State University

You could also get some exercise books and write.

Other Memrise courses:

I fell I my learning is quite superficial the multiple choose non-tap courses, so I would recommend some tap courses:

To train grammar and sentence construction, this two courses might be of interest:
“Basic Arabic Vocabulary 1” and “Basic Arabic Vocabulary 2”.
Remember: You can choose yourself which levels are relevant for you.

Another course I find very useful is:
“1-5000” Arabic Frequency & Audio”
On this course one has to spell in Arabic, so one really have to pay attention not to mix up similar lettters and pay attention to vowel length and such things.

The course: “Learn basic Arabic”, might also be a possibility, if you skip the first part, with the alphabet. It is very unsystematic, so I will not recommend it to learn new stuff, but it is nice to test out if one can actually read and understand the sentences.