It's impossible to upload audio, why?

Why can’t I add upload any audio to the course I’ve just created? When I click on anything on add column, nothing happens.
There isn’t any button to add English pronunciations, too.
No database search for the possible pronunciations, can anyone help me?

Hi, you could use the Google Chrome extension to upload computer-generated English audio in bulk. Unfortunately, Memrise doesn’t provide such a feature.

*[Chrome Extension] Memrise Audio Uploader!?!

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Yes I had this problem, I am creating a course but I haven’t added any audio at all in the last month, because the audio thing doesn’t work.

I don’t know if it helps but let’s try…

Click on your course > Edit course > Detail’s tab > check the option ‘Audio mode enabled’ > Save.

didn’t work for me, but still thanks for the help. Hopefully it works for aleks

I’m wondering if you’ve accidentally deleted the audio column (in edit mode) in the course you’re making? By default, on starting to create a course you should see at least 3 columns, the 3rd being for audio.

Another possibility is that you haven’t created any levels. Unexpected things can happen in that situation, in my experience. The solution may be to add one level - which you can leave blank.