Items to review numbers do not add up

the page for Spanish courses says 26, but as one can see, it should be 6

I’ve just checked two of my languages - both were fine.

Your screenshot is pretty blurred - I can’t really see much. What I do see is two courses with a review count, but the icons and numbers aren’t where they’re supposed to be
Since you thus have something running which modifies the site’s CSS, would it be possible that some numbers are hidden behind the yellow blob?

You can sum up the numbers yourself if you search for <div class=“review”> in the page’s HTML source code. These tags will be followed by the count per course.

nope, it is a rather new issue, appeared a week, two weeks ago.
on the blurred screen were mentioned 26 items for that language, but when looking at the list in detail, only 6 items appear in need of watering.

I do suppose the whole stuff has more to do with the fact that the algorithm is “overwhelmed”. I have learned many items and I’ve ignored almost the same amount of items. Also, I withdrew from several unnerving courses by using first “restart” - to delete completely the items from my account - and then “quit”.

I seldom have “true” reviews… in some courses I have to review all the time (intermediate Japanese Tobira - I do make many mistakes; Navegar los siete mares - my course, almost 0 mistakes… so, wtf), while other courses seem to be fully asleep on my dashboard, although I use them.


That might be the cause - I t think I ignored max. a few words in the two languages that I checked. As I’m certain that the “finished courses show up unfinished” problem was connected to ignored words I guess that qualifies for a potential reason, plus possible remnants from removed courses.

@MemriseSupport & @JBorrego: can you guys check this, please?

Hey I have just checked this. I cant reproduce it in my account (which has got as you can imagine plenty of courses and words. My words to review add up correctly to 379 for Spanish :grimacing:

But I can see it in your account, Angharad.Merfin so I will be checking. I don’t think there is an issue with it but as much as you, I want to know why there is a discrepancy so that we know what is happening :slight_smile:


@Angharad.Merfin I was trying to debug this but I am unable to reproduce it anymore in your account either so it makes it virtually impossible for us to understand the difference.

Could you please let us know if you can reproduce it again and find any patterns as to when it occurs?



@JBorrego I actually have the same problem. It’s been there for a while, but doesn’t always happen. The annoying thing is that I have several courses with the same words but different translations. So in any given course, I know what “wonderful” is translated as. But if I get it in a mix of several courses, I don’t know which prompt I’m really getting.

I don’t know why it happens, and I haven’t seen any pattern, but it happens often enough that it really bothers me. I currently have 64 words to review according to the blue button, but none of my courses have anything ready for review - and if I go through them one by one (checking each course’s course page), the number of words learned is the same as the number of words “in long term memory”. So there is no way I can know which words are really up for review without doing the mixed review, which then causes unnecessary mistakes.

I’ll be happy to help in any way that I can if that means I won’t have to keep guessing during reviews :slight_smile:

sorry, i’ve been away for a while, changed locations etc

the problem still persist, for ex in mandarin´, but as noticed above, in an inconsistent manner. When i get some time on my hands, i’ll post details

many thanks

I don’t know how you learn, but I did notice a pattern when I watched it closely, starting a couple of weeks ago.

I learn new words (one level or up to ten words) from several courses every day as well as 50 new words from one specific course. I do this Mon-Fri, and while I may split it up, I tend to bulk load in the mornings and review during the day/evening. Sat-Sun I only review. On weekdays I will usually review throughout the day whenever I see words ready for review.

I noticed the problem happening at least once a day - except for Sundays. Never happened on Sundays. So my guess is that it might have something to do with learning many words almost at once - and maybe also catching the reviews right when they pop up. So on Sundays the system has had time to catch up / spread out or something.

It’s just a theory, but you can try to see if it applies to what you get in your courses.