Items to review for courses with more than 1000 items ends with 999+ sign

@JBorrego @ale_c

Folks, could you explain why count of items to review for courses which contain more than 1000 items ends with 999+ sign? This goes for the app as well as for the web.


Because if you want to see an actual count and you are reviewing a certain number of words per day, it’s really inconvinient not to know this number. If this is a sort of a marketing technique, I must say we are not in a supermarket and I’m not buying anything, I’m voluntarily signed for a big course and I know what lies ahead of me. You could easily change “+” for a number, it’s not like there’s no free space in this line.

Moreover, several month ago, at least in the app, this number was displayed in full, and as it’s been said before, there are many other useful things you could really do instead of these superficial and unnecessary changes.

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Hi @Hombre_sin_nombre,

We’ve reached out to the wider team for more information on why this was changed.

Sorry we don’t have a better answer right now, but we’ll update once we do and let you know if having the full number is something we can reinstate!

Many thanks,
Memrise team


I attest to that. It’s highly inconvinient and seems yet another change without a good cause. Should be easy to fix though.