Italian for spanish speakers: Some mistakes

Hi, There are some words that should be fixed in italian for spanish speakers, like:

  • Italian 1 > Level 1, 5 > “no” is asked to be translated without any context and sometimes both italian “no” and “non” are given as aswers. And the right one is not always the same so it’s a shot in the dark; and a risky one when in “speed review”.
  • Italian 1 > Level 4 > “la carne di maiale” should be translated as “la carne de cerdo”, not just “cerdo”. You know, animals are not just meat.
  • Italian 1 > Level 11 > “è bello” should be translated as “es bello”, not “él es bello”.

Hey @paharo,

Thank you for your message. We’ve now made corrections and changes on the back of that :innocent: You can see them after logging out and in again.

Happy learning!

That was fast. Thanks a lot!