Italian for French Speakers - Inconsistencies

Hi there,

I do the Italian course for French speakers, and I’ve been able to spot few inconsistencies into the words. For example, there is:

Tu me those are wrong. I’d say:

  • vorresti → tu veux
  • desideri → tu désires
  • est-ce que tu aimerais … ? → ti piaccerebbe … ?

There are other inaccuracies like for the world “piacciono → j’aime (plus d’une chose)”. The French is badly phrased and makes the understanding unclear as “plus” can mean “more” or “not anymore” depending on the context. I’d rephrase it with “piacciono → j’aime (plusieurs choses)”. Also for “antipasto → entrée”. “Entrée” can also mean “entrance” of a home for example, therefore you don’t know that you’re speaking about a meal. Therefore I’d change it into “antipasto → entrée (plat)”.


Please can you post a link to the course(s) @thombar so @MemriseSupport can investigate it, thanks.

Hi @thombar, it looks like you’re learning our official courses. If you have spotted an error on an official Memrise course, please fill in this form with the details: (you can add multiple in one report if this is easier). This will then be reviewed by our content team, who will make any necessary changes at the earliest availability.