Italian 6 doesn't load on Android app

Hi there,

I am using Memrise with Android ans I believe I have the latest version of Memrise (2.94_18827_memrise). I have studied without any problem Italian 1 to 5 (course for French speakers), but I’m unable to load the course 6. I end uo with an endless loading screen :

I tried with/without wifi, 4G, rebooted the app, the phone, but nothing happens.

On the web version (Mac, firefox) everything works just fine. I am a pro user. Other Italian courses work without a hitch on my Memrise android app. They are all downloaded for offline use though.

Would you please advise?

Thank you.
Cheers, Thomas.

Ok, after deleting the course and starting it again (onn the Android app), I’ve been able to access it on my phone. Problem solved then but I don’t delete the thread so Memrise team there’s an issue to investigate there :).

Thank you anyway for this incredible language learning platform.

Cheers, Thomas.