Italian 2: è possibile?

In the listening skills (and possibly learn with the locals?) “è possibile?” gives “è possibile?” and “è possibile…?” as options. It’s now in my difficult words because I keep picking the wrong one - will set to ignore but maybe needs tweaking.

Hi @janericat, If this is an Official course it now need to move to [Course Forum] Italian 1-7 by Memrise

If it’s community course then this is the right place.

It sounds to me as if there are too few alternatives, which is unusual.

Can you give a link to the course and level as that will help.

One thought - try emptying your Cache and logging out and logging back in as that may do it.

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Ah well, it wasn’t Decks when I posted this!

Would you like me to move the posts over to “Italian 1-7” for you @janericat?

I can then un-list this post for you.

PS - Although it almost seems like a bug.

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Hi @janericat and @DW7,

Thank you for flagging this! I fixed the issue and now è possibile…? will not appear as an answer for è possibile?. If the problem continues, try logging out and then in again. :slight_smile:

Happy learning!