It would be great if we could have the option to hide a course from our dashboards

There are some courses I would like to hide because while I would like to come back to them in the future, I don’t want them cluttering my dashboard at the moment. I know quitting the course would save my progress, but I just don’t want to have to search for the courses again. They’re smaller courses so I’m worried I’ll forget the keywords, and be unable to find them again.


Even manual sorting or sorting based on num tests would help, web page and mobile apps.


IMHO it would be best to at least automatically group courses by language or general content (such as cities, persons, flowers, etc.), i. e. with a sub-menu or something alike.

Even better would be a means to create a fixed order of courses.

@JBorrego, @MemriseSupport: do you have any plans of working on this in the near future? The latest changes to the dashboard were, sadly, all rather to the worse …

Until they come up with something, you could keep a list of them in your forum page. In your ‘messages’ area, send yourself a message (mine’s called “Archived Courses”) and copy the relevant course url(s) into the body of the message and send it. Then ‘quit’ the course(s) so they come off your dashboard.

When you want to resume a course, go back to your sent messages and click on the relevant course link. On the course page, either click on “Get started now” or just start a review and the course will reappear on your dashboard.

Hope this helps.


When you quit the course, doesn’t that mean that your progress and the count of learned words is removed as well?

No. They’re both preserved. Before posting, I tested it with a couple of courses. My overall ‘words learned’ and ‘total points’ remained untouched and, on returning the courses to my dashboard, my learning record for the courses was showing ok. There’s a difference between “quitting” and “restarting” a course, though, so be careful about that:


That’s pretty cool - they even state that in the FAQ you linked:

Thanks for sharing!

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I’ve substituted “resume” for “restart” in my earlier post to avoid confusion. :blush:


You guys are giving Memrise team a very wrong idea: instead of developing dashboard they will tell you to use your notepad. I’d rather have it in one place without deleting anything.

we are thinking of different alternatives for iterations on different places like the course selector on the mobile platforms and similar ideas to these are being considered but there is not clear plan as to what, how or if but yes we are always considering these things :slight_smile:


Hi @abbeyroks, I am not sure if you are talking about the web (although I think only “recently learned” applies to the App).

I usually sort by “Recently Learned”, so any course you don’t work on gets pushed down the list.

On the web you can filter by goals and by subjects, so you can return to them very quickly.

Hope that helps.

As mentioned above, it would be good if these filters applied to the App as well.

Here’s a few suggestions:

  • let users build their own “workout” (or “daily routine”, “my courses”, etc.), i.e. add all courses they’d regularly like to work on to a group; this group should be what the dashboard shows first/automatically, when opened
  • create an in-built group “up for review” which contains all courses that have words that need to be reviewed
  • add some sort of “purgatory” group in which users can move courses they don’t want to be learning or which should be ignored until they get moved into a different group
  • allow users to sort courses within a group (tap-pull sorting) so they can setup a fixed order where they find this appropriate
  • on the dashboard, the icon for the group and/or description could include the number of items up for review and maybe the count of difficult words (total over all courses in the group)
  • in the courses’ main screen, add another button “go to next course” which allows to activate the next course in the same group as the current one