It is difficult to identify long words (Text box too small)

I am studying the course “Learn Italian Grammar.” There are long names of numbers in Italian when it comes to thousands and more. The interface of the application does not facilitate to point to the right answer. For example, what box should I click in the example below? I think, either the boxes should be wider or have pop-ups when hovering a box.


As a variant, the possible answers could be arranged in one column of wide boxes.

I’ve moved your topic to the appropriate subforum and amended the tags.

@MemriseSupport, @MemriseMatty: this is a long standing and very annoying bug - any insight on when we can expect you guys to provide a fix?


Thanks, Olaf

Please can you give a link to the course @yshindin,

I agree with you - it is a common problem which I have mentioned years ago.

I have encountered this before and I think the cure is to zoom out (ie go to 80%) screen size (on the web), which reduces the font and shows the whole word.

PS the only bodge fix is to wrongly hyphenate the words, I think,


@DW7, here is a link I use

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And on Decks (Level 28):

I’ve now added English commas (as visible alternatives) as well as the existing Continental Full stops between thousands (ie 10.000 with 10000 and 10,000 as alternatives).

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Got this with Four alternatives.


Thanks, DW7. Maybe, your developers could expand a box when you hover over it if there is a long word in the box. If necessary, display a box with a very long word on a new line in the window.

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Maybe, your developers

Just for clarification I am only a user/ creator/ contributor like you, so hopefully @MemriseSupport can have a look at it. .

This is the correct place for this BUG, but this is the Forum for comments

[Course Forum] Learn Italian Grammar by EasyAcademy

@yshindin is actually correct, answers should be arranged in one column of wide boxes.
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Hey folks! We’ve just posted a fix for this by stacking the multiple choice answers vertically, and enabling hyphenation on really long words. I know this isn’t ideal for shorter answers, or when you’ve got lots of options, but after going through all the potential solutions this is the one that works best for all the different options!

Let me know if this fixes the issue :slight_smile:


thanks for finally trying to do something about, but that is a … not so good solution… some years ago someone introduced for a very short while some auto-adjustable boxes… why did the team decide to throw that out, no idea

i have now endless vertical lists with 10 items … imagine courses with phrases… one has to scroll into enternity… imagine speed review getting rather impossible…

sorry, but this is not a good solution… at least before one could have an overview…


Yes, thanks for trying to fix this but…

On the Memrise website, when presented with the 8-option test, I have had to reduce the zoom setting on my laptop to 80% to avoid the need to scroll down to view Nos 7 and 8. On my iPad, I have to view in portrait to avoid the need to scroll down.

On the Decks website, the 8-option test is still displaying as 2x4. Logging out and back in made no difference:



(and @Angharad.Merfin) I’ll keep playing with this to see if I can find an ideal solution for MC with > 4 options. At the moment it’s the same piece of code that decides the layout for any kind of multiple-choice question, regardless of how many there are, so it’s a bit of a minefield!

And sorry, I didn’t mention this was for the Memrise website, not the Decks website. I can jump in and update the code on Decks now too though.

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Don’t think it’s working properly on Decks.
Let me know if you need a screenshot.

An update has just been pushed for (reinstating the grid, but turning on hyphenation), so once that’s live and has been tested we’ll replicate on Decks. It should roll out in the next 12 hours.

A word of warning: Because of the way css works and the fact we can’t manually break all words, there are some really really long words (like millecinquecentocinquantacinque) that will likely break in the middle without a hyphen (for some reason css hyphens don’t think this word should be hyphenated! :bowing_man:‍♂). You can still see the full word though at least!

We’re going to keep looking into this to see if we can find a more elegant solution.

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Thanks for continuing to get to grips with this one @lurkmoophy,


Yes this is an odd one (that the Italians don’t hyphenate or keep separate component words like we do), but any break in order to see the ending is better than not seeing it at all. _(Although after a separate element eg “millecinquecento” would be best obviously.


My comment above may still be necessary (I think)

PS the only bodge fix is to wrongly hyphenate the words, I think.

Yeah, I hear you. One of the potential solutions is allowed course creators to put in their own hyphenation guides, but that feels way too manual (html has a thing called ‘soft hyphens’, that basically say if you need to break, break it here).

To be honest, we’ll likely be looking at how we can improve the UI of the learning sessions in the next few months on web, so will have some time to really dive into a finding a really well thought out solution, instead of trying to get a compromise solution that doesn’t break things!