Issues with the Swedish courses

Hi there,

I am having an issue with the Swedish courses. I am not sure if it’s possible to fix it or not but very often it asks you for a word that there are multiple versions of depending on the context of the sentence. The problem is that sometimes in reviews you will be asked for the word and it will only accept one version.

An example that comes to mind right away for me is the word “Cold” It can either be Kall or Kallt depending on the sentence, some courses will mark it wrong if you write Kall and others will mark it wrong if you write Kallt.

I know it’s a minor problem because I can easily learn which courses want which version but it would be nice if they accepted both answers unless it’s in the context of a sentence which requires one or the other.

Perhaps if it can only accept one answer the people creating the tests should avoid questions that don’t provide context so that people always know which version of the word is required.


This is something the course creators should handle, so you should probably see if there’s a feedback thread/course forum for the course in question.

The course creator (or contributor) can add several alternative correct answers to each word, and it sounds like they should’ve in this case.
Unfortunately, it has to be done manually, and can’t be done in the automated workflow for uploading words, but that’s no excuse, imo.

The learner should be able to focus on learning the words of the language, not learn how each course was made :).

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Thanks for the response Hannepande,
I will look for a feedback forum for the specific courses. :slight_smile:

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