Issues with free courses


I try to learn French with the official course : but I can only do the first level, the other levels are all locked… I am using Android, I tried to uninstall the app, then install again, I clear the cache data, the app is up-to-date but it is still lock. Not only French 1 is locked, all the other courses too. I don’t understand because my daughter is using Memrise too but has no problem to access the other level of the course.
By going through the website I can access all the levels, but still not on Android, and I am not interested to use the website version.

Hi @narinemadoyan6768 and welcome to the forum!

The course you linked is an official Memrise course. These are not guaranteed to be fully available without a subscription which is why you see it locked. Being a subscriber I personally don’t have the problem, but recall having seen what you describe, i. e. that some users can and others cannot access a course without a sub.

@MemriseSupport, can you provide an explanation?

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Hi @Olaf.Rabbachin,
Thanks for your reply. My daughter is not subscribe, and I am not too, that is why I don’t understand the logic. @MemriseSupport Why some users would have access without a sub and some other need it…

Sounds like your daughter is exploring a bug where she has access to more than the first level with Memrise courses. Unless she’s using the free user provided courses that are open for all levels.

I have the exactly same problem
all the courses after 1 are locked on the app but on the website there is no problem