Issues with audio on custom Courses

It seems that audio will not load onto a course after it has been created.

I was able to produce the error by:

  1. Creating a custom course online.
  2. Adding a few words to the database.
  3. Opening the iOS app and viewing the course.
  4. Go back online and add audio samples to the course
  5. On iOS app the audio never shows up, I can add more words and they update fine, but never the audio

Deleting and reinstalling the app fixes the issue for the existing cards, but any new cards that are added won’t work, the words show up, but not the audio

The problem is simply that the apps do not receive updated content automatically. Logging off and back on will do the trick. Or, if you’re a subscriber, (re-) downloading a course will work as well.

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Yes. This is a long-standing synchronization issue with custom classes. The best is to add audio at the same time as the entry when creating course material. Or as mentioned, remove/reinstall course, or log out/log in.