Issue with keyboard for typing entries

I’m having a problem in the latest version of the app, inasmuch as the on-screen keyboard does not display for typing entries.
In previous versions I needed to turn it on at the beginning for the first entry that required typing, and then it would come up automatically for subsequent ones.
Now I have to enable it. Every. Single. Time.
I really hope this is a fault, and not a conscious ‘improvement’.
Or am I the only one who sees this behaviour? I cannot see any other error reports re. this…

You’re not alone. I reported this on April 12, see my posting here and the following postings.
The bug is also on my list as #18, see the top posting in the linked thread.

ah, thanks, must have missed that whilst looking over the list. At least they have confirmed it’s not intentional (that would be even worse), I hope we have a fix incoming soon, as this is rather bothersome…