Is this possible for images question on Memrise?

I heard somewhere said that we could make a course that have images stick to the word (not the mems). So we can test for that images to learn new words? (Ex: Multiple choices for 4 images to choose the right definition of word).
Any one can help me, please?

Here’s a Wiki article that should help get you started. The pictures are from an earlier version of Memrise, but the general principles should still be applicable.


Hi @Matt1411, the guide in the link that Olaf has provided is one I produced some years ago but it is still relevant. If you run into any problems making your course, just shout, and I can add you as a contributor to an image-based ‘test course’ I made which will let you go in and have a look around at the settings.

Good luck!

PS - Happy ‘cake day’ @Olaf.Rabbachin!


Lovely, I’m really want to join it. Can you make me a contributor of that? ^^

Thank you very much for reply me soon. It’s defenitely look so different right now that I can not add a collumn.

@alanh @Olaf.Rabbachin oh, I see the problem that I can not add column is that I did not make a new course. It’s easier now for me, thank you you both very much ^^

I created a image-based course already but can not play with the pics, even I couldn’t see the images that I uploaded when I learnt a new word. @alanh Could you add me your test course?

OK, I have sent you a PM.