Is this area superfluous?

Is this area superfluous if, as I understand it, all community created courses will disappear one day soon?

Rollout of the new dashboard and learning sessions experiences to all our customers

See comments by @BenWhately

They are planning to remove only community non-language courses (no date, it’s just planned). But all community language courses will be moved to Memworld, that is to say, they will migrate, not eliminated. That’s what Ben said.


Thanks Hombre,

Although I have supported several community language courses, most of the courses I support are from a wide variety of non-language interests.

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I see, I would be outraged. Why don’t you bring your position to Memrise team?

I have (hopefully) here and a couple of earlier posts.

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No, this is what BenWhately said yesterday (my bold):


And later this rather vague answer

Sounds like a tremendously loss in available courses especially from languages other than English.
And all the interesting looking non-language courses I still wanted to take, of course.


Yes, thanks for correction. As I understand it, they are also not going to move abandoned, unused language courses.

Having so many courses I’ve created or look after (approx 250), takes me a time to get round them all.

I return to themes or preferences then move on.

So it may look ‘not used’, but I may have not done it for 6 months but will eventually fancy a change and return to it.

On some courses, sadly, I’m the only one currently using it, despite it being a really good and useful course.
(PS Part of the problem is finding them. App users may be unaware you need to go to the web. And some courses may be low in the search list.)


Guess I’ll have to have a session on every course over the next few months.


Just to update:

To summarize what Ben has said so far:

  1. Language UGC courses will be migrated to the new system, except those that are not used at all. I guess he’s referring to those that have absolutely zero users (i.e. those that are used only by the creator himself who have left Memrise long ago). I hope @BenWhately will clarify this.

  2. Non-language UGC courses will not fit in the new system, but this doesn’t mean they’ll be simply removed. They’ll remain in the old system (i.e. our current system) until a solution is reached by discussion. IMO they should absolutely be preserved in some way.