Is this a BUG? (Alternatives not working during tapping)

I have just answered a tapping test in and the entry is

il sintonizzatore = audio receiver, tuner

I was shown the English and answered by tapping “tuner” and pressed continue and it told me I got it wrong.

I have just checked and I DO have “_tuner” and an alternative.

Surely alternatives should be accepted as correct for tapping as well as typing?

Cc @MemriseSupport @lurkmoophy @JBorrego

Hi @DW7 does this happen in any other word or just that one?


Thanks - I’ll investigate and let you know.

Level 12 has lots of alternatives.

I’ve had this in some of my courses, normally it’s because I’ve had another entry which translated to the alternative I tried to select, ie the selection was actually an entirely different translation pair for memrise. to illustrate:
word A -> Translation A (Alternative B)
word B -> Translation B

In the tapping test I’m asked for word A, and am offered Translation A and Translation B. Picking the latter is marked as wrong, as Memrise sees this as a different translation, it does not offer Alternatives in tapping tests.
I’ve had to clean up/clarify a few entries over the years…


Many thanks for your input @mthierst.

Has anyone else noticed this problem?

Cc @sandslane