Is there some comprehensive syntax guide for editing Multimedia levels?

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Just as the title says. I’m aware of the ‘url:’, ‘embed:’ and ‘**’ options that pop up when you edit a multimedia level. However, I can’t figure out, or find any other formatting options, if they exist.

At the very least how to insert a newline, I tried pasting pre-formatted text from a text editor and it just got squished to one line, and no generally used syntax I tried worked (\n, <br>, <br />, <p></p>, etc…).


Hi @rost400

In the multimedia levels in my courses, I am able to insert a new line in the “Edit level” page by clicking on the “Edit multimedia” button. Does that not work for you?

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Sadly, it doesn’t. I can edit the levels just fine, but when I save it it gets squished to one line.

I thought not even bold text and images were working, because it doesn’t show up on the edit page and remains in the original syntax. When I tried viewing the level in the actual course the bold text and image showed up, but newlines still weren’t there.


Hi @rost400,

That’s odd. I’ve had another look at one of my courses. If I go to “Edit Level”:

… then to “Edit multimedia”:

…then insert a line break in the text:

… then click on the blue “Save” button and then (on the next screen) on the green “Save and continue” button, it saves my change ok. However, if I miss out the blue “Save” button and go straight to the green one, the change doesn´t save.

The only other thing I can suggest is, if you want to send me a link to your course and add me as a ‘contributor’, I’ll take a look and see if I get the same problem.

Good luck!

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Actually, your last screenshot was the solution. Using double line break inserts a line break into the final text, even though it doesn’t show up in the course editor after saving. :slightly_smiling_face:
Not very intuitive, but I’ll take what I can get. :thinking:

Another thing though. Do you know how to insert tabulator, or something similar, to align text? Extra spaces get truncated, I could get away with Japanese spaces but they don’t align perfectly either.